A quick one from Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥃

We're in the Highlands on our holidays! 🌊

This week's newsletter really is a conversation by the sea as I'm currently residing in a campervan overlooking Embo beach. The Scottish Highlands do not disappoint and we've been very lucky with the weather so far 🌤️

We spent a night in Edinburgh, which is typically a lovely city but not particularly dog friendly! Then we headed up to Silver Sands near Aberlour for a night. The long stretch of silver beach was reminiscent of Northumberland's Bamburgh, instead of lying under a castle, Silver Sands is overlooked by a towering white lighthouse.

Now we are at the furthest north stop on our journey, just up from Dornoch Firth. In a couple of days, we head for Ben Nevis and Fort William, then finally to Ayr before returning home.

The 4G signal isn't great here, so I took this opportunity to uninstall Facebook, Instagram and Twitter off my phone for the week. A forced digital detox is definitely needed after this crazy year.

I can't believe how often I go to press the space where the little blue bird icon used to be!

Nothing much else from me this week as I'm trying my best to switch off and enjoy the slow life for a few days.

I won't even be sharing this newsletter on Twitter so I'll catch up with you Friday!

Au revoir,

Ellen x