Taking it all in

The team is growing!

It’s crazy how one day off can totally mess up your schedule. I say that like I don’t usually frantically write this newsletter on a Tuesday night… anyway, onto the topic at hand.

This week is an exciting one for Content By The Sea as we've appointed our first member of staff. Craig’s mam Lorraine has officially joined us one day a week to help with the admin tasks that loom over me like the big dark clouds passing my office window as we speak.

The Content By The Sea team!

Lorraine has spent the pandemic working tirelessly in a doctor’s surgery, and we’re overjoyed to finally be in the position to offer her a role better suited to her full-time occupation: being a nanny to three awesome grandsons.

Little did I know in February 2019 that this little venture would turn into a business that supports not only Craig and me but also offers his Mam the boost she needs to leave the job she hates and spend more time with family.

When big milestones come along in business, it’s easy to let them pass you by. Whether it’s the first invoice, finally outsourcing the tasks you hate, passing the VAT threshold or, in this case, hiring your first member of staff… you really have to take the time to reflect and celebrate.

On this hamster wheel called life, it’s always about the next thing. Submit a project for approval and hop straight onto the next, send an invoice and look to the next, finish lunch and start wondering what’s for dinner (just me?).

I’ve written about destination happiness before and, I think in business, it’s just as hard to take satisfaction in the moments of ‘success’ before moving onto the next thing.

So that’s the essence of this newsletter issue - just standing still for a second and enjoying the moment.

Tell about your recent successes (no matter how small) on Twitter @ContentByTheSea, or reply to this email for a chat.

📚 Only Human (Themis Files #3) - Sylvain Neuvel

It’s no surprise that the third and final book of this trilogy is in my favourites this week as I’ve not shut up about the other two. Sci-fi. Mystery. Dystopia. It’s got it all.

📷 Our new photos!

Last week, we were delighted to welcome fellow freelancer and good friend Lauren McWilliams of For You Photography into our home office for a brand photoshoot. If you’re in the North East and need some images for your brand, Lauren is your lass!

For You Photography: https://foryounewcastle.co.uk/

That’s all from me this week,

See you next Wednesday for a (hopefully) more exciting edition.

Ellen x

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