No, you can't

Just pick my brains or hop on a Zoom call

No, you can’t have the first draft by tomorrow.

Nope, I’m not free for a “quick” Zoom call this afternoon

Nah, you can’t “just” pick my brains.

Maybe it’s the increasing pressure of working, living, eating and pooping all in the same building every single day with no reprieve… or perhaps it’s that many businesses are in desperate need of a structured marketing strategy to save them from the edge of oblivion… or it could just be that my tolerance for BS is currently at a historic low… whatever it is, one thing’s for sure: people are so damn demanding right now.

In all seriousness, I think it’s a combination of all the above, plus a few other factors. Work used to be a place to go to escape domestic pressures, and family time was a reward at the end of the week over a meal at the pub. But now you're doing your job, caring for small humans or pets, maintaining a household… and trying not to have a breakdown.

My thoughts are with those who actually have children because I am just about staying afloat with only two very low-maintenance long dogs and one adult man to keep alive.

This is not directed at anyone in particular, nor am I saying that you should never make last-minute requests. But as the lines between work and life have become increasingly blurred, so have many people’s understanding of what is okay.

It’s not okay to text or WhatsApp message suppliers - especially not outside of office hours. Ew.

It is okay to only check your emails once or twice a day - you do you, hun.

It’s not okay to turn everything into a Zoom call

It is okay to say no to working with people who repeatedly push, or even transgress, your boundaries

This tweet from Amy Westervelt said it best:

I know we’re all craving human interaction right now, but a zillion Zoom calls a day is anything but fulfilling - it’s actually exhausting us even more. Get your social kicks elsewhere - like in our Discord server for freelancers (shameless plug).

Well, this turned into a bit of a rant so I will leave you to enjoy your Wednesday in peace. As always, you’ll find me on Twitter.

📚 Kings of The Wyld by Nicholas Eames: Imagine if 20th-century rock bands were embarking on a fantasy adventure. Yeah, that. It’s bloody good.

📽 One of my favourite YouTubers Contrapoints is back with an epic 90-minute feast about JK Rowling and TERFs.

🎙 FKA Twigs on Louis Theroux’s podcast talking about creativity and why she is suing ex-boyfriend Shia LaBoeuf. I am so sad that there is only one episode left of Louis’ podcast for this series. It’s been the perfect companion to my runs.

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