Just keep going

Put one step in front of the other

I hesitate to start the first newsletter of 2021 with “Happy New Year” as it is clearly anything but happy. In England, we’ve just been plunged into another national lockdown and I understand the rest of the UK is subject to similar restrictions, it feels a little silly that the ‘bye 2020’ rhetoric ever led us to believe that the worst of it would stay in the past.

The being said, there is little we can do about the pandemic - other than the obvious of staying apart and getting the vaccine when possible. So, all you can do right now is keep going.

Last spring, I restarted Couch to 5k and I ran my first 5k without stopping in August. Now I run between 1-3 times a week, depending on how I feel. One of the biggest lessons of my running journey has been the realisation that my mind wants to quit way before my body.

Even if you aren’t a runner and you prefer cycling, surfing, climbing, dancing or whatever it is that keeps you moving, you will still know what I mean by those moments where your brain goes:

“Hey, let’s stop. I can’t do this. I’m tired. Let’s walk. Let’s go home.”

And when I started running, the hardest part wasn’t putting one foot in front of the other - it was ignoring that voice telling me to stop.

Sometimes I run so slow that my natural walking pace is probably faster.

But I do everything in my power to



And that’s the attitude I am taking into 2021.

Maybe today is the day you submit your best work yet, or maybe it’s just the day you take a shower and go back to bed.

Either way, keep going.

Perhaps you are ready to dust off those trainers and try Couch to 5k or maybe you just take the pooch for a walk around the block.

Keep going.

Cook a slap-up meal or order Uber Eats to your door.

Keep going.

Enjoy two hours of peace whilst your kids watch videos relevant to their studies, or just give them an extra dip into the Christmas chocolates and chuck a film on Netflix.

Whatever your biggest struggles are, remember to keep going.

One step in front of the other.

It’s the only way to go.

You are not alone

Freelancing can be lonely at the best of times, but especially during a global pandemic! That’s why Craig and I have started a Discord server for freelancers. We already have about 50 members and growing!

Join us here: https://discord.gg/GnPG4GrJNE

It’s here! Your Ultimate Content Planning Session Webinar is today

I’ve partnered with Lauren at For You Photography for a webinar about planning your content for 2021. There are a few tickets left and it’s at 12 today - book your place here!

That's all from me this week! See you next Wednesday, until then come and chat on Twitter or join our Discord.

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