Learning to find joy in the mundane

When your cup of tea is that *perfect* temperature

Today, it snowed here. It was the nice fluffy sort, too - although it was turning into slush upon landing. I was battling my way through washing mountain when I noticed Potter standing looking out the window at the snow. We live in an old terraced house and the windows are the perfect height for the dogs - they love people watching when folks walk by.

I opened the window and Harmony joined us. For a good ten minutes, we watched the snow fall in the street - the dogs standing and me on my knees - eventually acting as a lean-post for Potter, who often feels that holding his own body weight is below him.

Usually, I’d be too busy scrapping with the washing to stop for a few moments and just notice.

This got me thinking about how we’ve lost so many of our sources of joy during lockdown - spending time with friends and family, going out for food, having a drink at the pub or a fresh Barista-made flat white, trips to the cinema, taking a summer holiday… I could go on. And how, in a mission to stay sane, we must create our own spaces of solace at home. That’s where the idea for this week’s (less-inflammatory-than-last-week’s) newsletter comes in.

Earlier in the week, I tweeted asking for people to share some mundane things that they’ve been enjoying during the never-ending lockdown #3. If I’m honest, I’ve been in a fettle all week - for non-Geordies, a “fettle” is the mood equivalent of meh.

But when the responses to my tweet started rolling in, I found the corners of my mouth attempting to defy the gravity of depression. So, here I am sharing the joy in the mundane.

I had a lot more responses than I expected, so I can’t share them all, but here are some highlights:

And my personal favourite from the lovely guys at Feast & Fables:

*chef’s kiss*

I’d love to hear more about what’s keeping you afloat as we embark on another month in lockdown. Come find me on Twitter. or feel free to join our Discord server for freelancers.

📚 A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Mass - Total trash, total escapism

📺 It’s A Sin - Russell T. Davies is back with this devastating story about a group of friends in London during the AIDs epidemic. This is one of the most beautiful and saddening things I’ve ever seen.

🎙 James Acaster on How to Fail with Elizabeth Day - A glimpse behind the curtain of James’ whimsical on-stage persona.

Also, Louis’ podcast is over for another series - in this week's finale, he chats to his cousin, Hollywood actor Justin Theroux.

♟ Playing chess has become somewhat of an addiction in this house, we’ve got The Queen’s Gambit to thank for that!

That’s all from me this week - see you next Wednesday for more of the same!

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